St. Joseph’s Invitational

Last weekend the Cross Country team competed in the St. Joseph’s Academy Invitational. The boys team placed 15th out of 37 teams and the girls team placed 17th out of 24 teams. Of the 26 Broncos that competed, 5 ran their season best times and 13 ran their career best times.

The team will compete again this Saturday at the Catholic High Invitational.

Congratulations to these Broncos on their personal achievements:

  • Chris Bennett- 17:31- Season Best Time
  • Jacob Vidrine- 18:18- Personal Best Time
  • Corey Simpson- 18:39- Personal Best Time
  • Caleb Franklin- 18:44- Personal Best Time
  • Easton Rish- 19:16- Season Best Time
  • Kyle Knight- 19:27- Season Best Time
  • Ashlyn Davis- 20:04- Personal Best Time
  • Nathan Johnson- 20:05- Personal Best Time
  • Jaden Thymes- 21:24- Personal Best Time
  • Tameron Turner- 21:35- Personal Best Time
  • Arison Coker- 21:36- Personal Best Time
  • Caroline Fontenot- 21:46- Personal Best Time
  • Ian Granger- 22:31- Personal Best Time
  • Rebecca Day- 22:44- Personal Best Time
  • Caylee Cole- 22:59- Personal Best Time
  • Victoria Staid- 25:28- Season Best Time
  • Kelsie Littles- 28:31- Season Best Time
  • D’Mia Walker- 22:32 (2 mile)- Personal Best Time

Episcopal Round Table Run- Sept 9th, 2017

The Broncos competed in the Episcopal Round Table Run last Saturday.

The boys team placed 17th out of 31 teams with an average team time of 18:29. The girls team placed 12th out of 23 teams with an average team time of 22:12.

Every runner that competed ran his or her season best time, but the biggest news this weekend was that 17 of the 29 runners that competed set a new personal record!!!!

Congratulations to these Broncos on their new personal records:

  • Ashlyn Davis
  • Caroline Fontenot
  • Tameron Turner
  • Katie Mestayer
  • Caylee Cole
  • Victoria Staid
  • Jacob Vidrine
  • Corey Simpson
  • Caleb Franklin
  • Ethan Savario
  • Kyle Bennett
  • Devin Scott
  • Carson Gunter
  • Nathan Johnson
  • Luke Dubee
  • Jordan Lazard
  • Adrian Polite
  • Jasten Thymes
  • Ian Granger
  • Benjamin Simonson

Summer Schedules are Up

Check the Summer Schedules link on the tool bar for full schedule as an image or a PDF to be downloaded.

Region 2-5A meet for 2016

Congrats to the Cross Country team for their performance at the Region 2-5A meet for 2016.

Boys placed 5th and girls placed 8th.

Both teams qualified for the State Meet. 

Top runners were John Paul Hardin, Chris Bennett, Ali Brunson and Rebecca Day.  

Walker Shootout

Congrats to the Cross Country team

this weekend at the Walker Shootout.

The boys placed 5th out of 24 teams.

Top runners were

John Paul Hardin

Dominick Thomas

Haley Zweigle

Kylie O’Brien

Battlefield Cross Country Festival

Congrats to the Cross Country team in their performance this weekend at the Battlefield Cross Country Festival.

The girls placed 8th out of 24 teams

and the boys placed 3rd out of 30 teams represented.

John Paul Hardin won 1st place overall in the Boys Varsity race.

Bayou Boogie Invitational

Bayou Boogie Invitational

Hardin in Advocate 9-4-16J P Hardin finishes 2nd.

At Highland Road Park


Varsity (three miles)

Team totals: 1, Mandeville 42*. 2, St. Joseph’s Academy 42. 3, Menard 65. 4, St. Michael 119. 5, Fontainebleau 152. 6, St. Martin’s 187. 7, Episcopal School of Acadiana 193. 8, Catholic-PC 205. 9, Assumption 254. 10, Zachary 289. 11, East Ascension 301.

Top individuals: 1, Claire Vaughn, Menard, 18:56.94. 2, Lauren Hendry, SJA, 19:18.75. 3, Gabbi Chauvin, SJA, 19:37.03. 4, Jennifer Bennett, SJA, 19:44.78. 5, Ally McCulley, Mandeville, 19:45.28. 6, Ann Byerley, Mandville, 19:49.22 7, Aline Malek, Episcopal School of Acadiana, 19:49.47. 8, Carlin Beal, Mandeville, 19:59.44. 9, Charlotte Chehardy, Mandeville, 20:00.78. 10, Hannah Hays, Menard, 20:15.38. 11, Addison Hays, Menard, 20:15.78. 12, Paige Anderson, Fontaiebleau, 20:17.84.

*Mandeville wins title based on sixth-place finisher



Varsity (three miles)

Team totals: 1, Episcopal 49. 2, Catholic-BR 86. 3, St. Michael 118. 4, Mandeville 136. 5, Fontainebleau 158. 6, St. Martin’s 167. 7, John Curtis 185. 8, ESA 200. 9, Runnels 216. 10, Menard 240. 11, Zachary 249. 12, Assumption 308. 13, Delcambre 394. 14, Catholic-PC 434. 15, Woodlawn 437. 16, East Ascension 463. 17, Dunham 512. 18, Plaquemine 531. 20, St. John 547.

Top individuals: 1, Adam Wise, Fontainebleau, 15:44.56. 2, John Paul Hardin, Zachary, 16:05.59. 3, Graham Frazier, Episcopal, 16:10.78. 4, Kenny Schafer, Episcopal, 16:11.34. 5, Thomas Laville, Catholic, 16:11.59. 6, Alexander Landry, St. Michael, 16:14.12. 7, Noah Elder, Mandeville, 16:16.22. 8, Zachery Barthel, Curtis, 16:21.84. 9, Caleb Dugas, Catholic, 16:22.25. 10, Samuel Kellum, St. Martin’s, 16:23.75. 11, Henry Snyder, Mandeville, 16:28.03. 12, Michael Lee, Episcopal, 16:35.00.

High Five a Cross Country Runner today

High Five a Cross Country Runner today to congratulate them on a great season.

Yesterday, at the state meet, the boys’ team finished 14th and the girls’ team finished 12th.  Both finishes are the highest for Zachary since moving to 5A.

Boys’ & girls’ teams were both District Champions and paced 5th & 7th in the East Baton Rouge Metro Championship.

The boys’ team was led by John Paul Hardin, William Heidke, Chris Bennett, Dominick Thomas, Daniel Bennett, Andrew Bennett, and Kyle Knight.

The girls’ team was led by Rhagan Rider, Rebecca Day, Krislyn Bourgeious, Ali Brunson, Haley Zweigle, Kallista Buell, and Grace Rings.

Boys are one of the top teams for the year!!!

The Boys Cross Country team had a great showing at Saturday’s race.  They finished 8th in the race which has placed them as one of the top teams in the state this year.  John Paul Hardin finished top 10 in the Boys Varsity Race and Andrew Bennett finished top 20 in the Junior High race.

4th Place in Meet, September 6

Congrats to the Cross Country Team for placing 4th at a very competitive meet this weekend.

Come support the team this weekend at Highland Road Park.